Dan Nelson







Dan Nelson

Dan Nelson

Raleigh, NC


America’s Premier Event Painter

If you combine three parts painter, two and a half parts musician, a pound or two of inventor, and a heaping tablespoon of show-off . . . you just might come up with a Dan Nelson, Art Adventurer Extraordinaire. “I’ve always had a hard time playing by the rules” Dan says of his career. “If there is a conventional and well-worn path in the art business . . . you’ll have to look for me somewhere else.”

Dan made his living for decades as a freelance illustrator, winning competitions in everything from street painting to sand sculpture. At the same time he began mesmerizing audiences by producing 8-by-10-foot masterpieces in the streets and parks of Raleigh, North Carolina, his hometown.

Besides setting up his plein air easel anywhere from California to Cote d’Azure, Dan spends much of his time doing Live Art Performances in cities large and small, painting at festivals, concerts, and fund-raisers, and weddings. He has painted for the NC Symphony, the Carolina Hurricanes, IBM, Glaxo Smith Kline, and many of the major Corporations across North Carolina and beyond.


Capital Outing by Dan Nelson


Capital Tranquility by Dan Nelson


Bright Morning Shadows by Dan Nelson


Artsplosure Afternoon by Dan Nelson


Vicissitudes of War by Dan Nelson


Having Travelled by Dan Nelson


The Return by Dan Nelson


The Quest by Dan Nelson


Scout by Dan Nelson


Flying Castle by Dan Nelson


Castle Falls by Dan Nelson


Model A Gold by Dan Nelson


Don's 57 Chevy by Dan Nelson


1940 Ford Classic by Dan Nelson


Raleigh Steam Pumper by Dan Nelson


Dreaming of Daddy by Dan Nelson


Charlotte Steamer by Dan Nelson


Seeing Red by Dan Nelson